FARMAMARKETs main goal and mission are to support and sell traditional products from Slovak farmers, primary producers, breeders and growers.

Every day, in our shop you can buy fresh, quality food, traditional meat products made in accordance with the old butcher masters recipes, meat & poultry from local farms, home-farm eggs from the free range management, fresh fish, sheep and cow cheese products directly from the chalet, seasonal farm vegetables and fruits of an organic farming quality, home-made spreads, fruit jams and marmalades, pickled cheese, home-made honey, honey products and mead (by the bee-keeper Rasťo from Zeleneč).

Furthermore, you can buy here Dávidko's spices containing neither salt nor glutamate, fresh herbs, teas, organic wine (the only organic wine in Slovakia - Domin & Kušický) and beer from a small brewery (Craft Brewery in Rožňava). However, the greatest success at our FARMAMARKET is the bread from the Belská Bakery, where it is baked in traditional stone ovens of the 22 year old leaven, and it is sold out to the last piece every day. We also invite all the lovers of healthy domestic spelled and whole grain pasta. In FARMAMARKET, you can also find the wicker products, decorative accessories and many other products. You will love the old village interior style and you will be always happy to come back.

Come to see and taste the best we have in Slovakia!

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